(SER-GA-165) Golden Isles Cadet Squadron
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Cadet Orientation Flights

Cadets from the Golden Isles Cadet Squadron prepare to take an orientation flight aboard a Civil Air Patrol Cessna 172 at St. Simons Island Airport.

Looking down on the world

A Golden Isles CAP cadet is at the controls, receiving patient guidance from an experienced CAP pilot.


A CAP Cessna 182 takes off from runway 04 at St. Simons Island Airport with two Golden Isles cadets aboard for an orientation flight.

Golden Isles Cadet takes her first flight

One of the highlights of cadet life is the opportunity to take the controls while flying an airplane


Cadets learn teamwork and wilderness skills while practicing search and rescue.

Career Exploration

Cadets get an up close look at Coast Guard aviation

Glider Orientation Flights

Cadets enjoy the opportunity to experience the quiet majesty of soaring during glider orientation flights

Honoring the Fallen

Cadets from the Golden Isles Cadet Squadron lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetery


A Golden Isles Cadet Squadron cadet navigates the obstacle course at encampment. Encampment is a one-week experience for CAP cadets that emphasizes our core values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect.


A cadet practices rappelling while participating in the Hawk Mountain Rescue School, which is a special wilderness activity available to CAP cadets

Hands-on learning

A cadet assists with a pre-flight inspection to ensure her aircraft is safe before an orientation flight

Physical resilience

Cadets from the Golden Isles Cadet Squadron gather after competing in the annual Sunshine Festival 5K race on St Simons Island

Incredible opportunities

Cadets have the opportunity to compete for scholarships to pay for flight training. Golden Isles CAP Cadet Haddie Hollingsworth received scholarships and aid which allowed to complete her private pilot certificate.

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